ScreenDance Festival Sweden

Every year the International Dance Day is celebrated all over the world. For that reason for the fourth year in a row, ScreenDance Festival in Sweden will also celebrate this day by conducting a packed week with:

Dance films


Lectures and

Discussions panels

ScreenDance Festival 2015 from ScreenDance Festival on Vimeo.

This year 2017 the festival will present non- stop screenings and other activities at Dansmuseet, Midsommargården and Mäster Olofsgården from April 24th – 30th in Stockholm. This programs will signaled the beginning of three days of celebration at Dansmuseet from April 26th to 28th with screenings of the International Selection, Swedish Selection, 1-Minute Selection (new) and our brand Gif.Dance Selection (new).

In the program we want to focus our attention in how we use digital resources and social media in performing arts. We will also want to create an international collaboration and networking by inviting performing artists from Sweden and other countries. The program will want to guarantee good quality by working with experienced people. At the same time, we want to provide the opportunity for artists and audiences to be more active in the whole process before, during and after the festival.

We also have a touring programs in Stockholm, Sweden and abroad during 2017-2018!