ScreenDance Festival 2021

ScreenDance Festival 2021

For the ninth year in a row, ScreenDance festival is calling for submissions for our programme April 22th – 29th in Stockholm and in our one year touring programs in Sweden and abroad during 2021-2022. The festival presents a wide range of outstanding dance films as well as parallell activities like school projects, professional workshops, screenings, panels and talks during the year.

We believe in quality and therefore carefully curate our program to offer the best possible experience to all generations.

ScreenDance Festival takes place on April with a whole week dedicated to screenings and other events. For further information go to:

ScreenDance Festival presents the festival at Dansmuseet, the world’s first museum of dance and movement, situated in the heart of Stockholm (Drottninggatan 17) where many dance enthusiasts have had the chance to visit the museum’s beautiful exhibitions as well as the festival’s screenings.

We are inviting all the International and all the Swedish artists of any dance style to make a submission.

Awards & Prizes

ScreenDance Festival Swedish Award to the Swedish Selection will be selected by a jury.

Two winners will be honored with a two weeks artistic residency one at Jönköpings län and the other in Stockholm. Winners will have the opportunity to continue their creative works and develop and explore further possibilities within the genre of dance film – or find new forms of artistic collaboration.