Contestants 2015

Director: Mathilde Marc/Choreographer: Benjamin Bertrand. Victoria performs a few dance steps and find herself thrust
into a fantasy world…
France 2014 3’ 22’’


Eterno Boogaloo
Director: Ernesto Contreras. Incontables momentos de perdida y desafío. Dance film.
Mexico 2012 01’ 48’’

Knock_010 (300dpi)

Director: Thomas Pollard and Nathan Smith/Choreographer: Alisdair Macindoe. The last man on Earth sat alone in a room as three boys spend a sleep over telling each other scary stories. A cross over occurs between a fictional man´s life in solitude and the future of one of boy´s very own reality.
Australia 2013 6’


Rito de Passage
Director/Choreographer: Juliette Yu-Ming. In a mysteriously abandoned house, a body dances its memories.! Rite of Passage is a sensory exploration of the act of becoming, of transformation and the search for one’s identity. An experimental film featuring improvised Butoh dance and rare found footage, it invites us to embark on a visceral and reflective journey about the relation to one’s memories and the place of transformation. What binds us to the past? What are our own private rites of passage? How can the body express the sometimes violent nature of change? What is the act of “becoming”?
Singapore 2014 11’
THE Observer_Alma_Llerena_4
The Observer
Director: Alma Llerena/Choreographer: Manuel Garzón. What happens if you decide to observe yourself as you though a range of emotional chemicals in an emotional storm? This project parts from the idea of the double split experiment of quantum physics, paying special attention to the fact that when observed energy can behave either as a particular or as a wave, thus collapsing in to matter.
Spain 2014 03’ 14’’
Director: Ana Capilla. Looking into what the different realities and spaces we move through cause in us. Urban or natural spaces. Observing which registers, qualities and states emerge in that continuous interaction with our surroundings. Do we feel the same in the middle of a park than under a tunnel or over a bridge? Looking into language through movement, which arises from the senses. Exercise consisting in getting overcome by what surrounds us, by the surroundings in its entire dimension: sound, visual and tactile dimension, not intending to propose as an individual; neutral state.
Spain 2014 8’ 46’’
Her Children Mourn
Director/Choreographer: Marta Renzi. A man and a woman, dressed in funeral black, arrive at a homestead. Both are silent, bottled up, alone. They enter the barn to work through their thoughts. In the end, both find their way outside – to the fields and garden, and to some kind of peace.
USA 2013 10’
Director: Jules de Niverville/Choreographer: Micheal Watts. Experimental performance video incorporating elements of contemporary dance, contortion and acrobatics. TWITCH is about the struggle to overcome conflicting energetic forces within the body, and the fight to unleash the expression of a free spirit. Exploring a bi-polar discourse the video chronicles the life-pulse of creature in conflict: it’s stirrings/twitching/convulsions, it’s agonising missteps, and ultimately it´s soaring resolution in forging a new synergistic identity.
Canada 2015 5’’ (World Premier).


Sink or Swim
Director: Michiel Vaanhold/Choreographer: Jaakko Toivonen. In an otherwise deserted swimming pool, a group of boys play a game with its own rules and hierarchy. The boys continually goad one another into going another step further. Newcomers Yinka and Glenn first need to prove themselves. How far will they go to gain a position? Will they lose sight of themselves and their friendship? In Sink or Swim they dance like their life depends on it.
The Netherlands 2014 10’


ME – Story of a Performance
Director: Jopsu Ramu/Choreographer: Johanna Nuutinen. We follow the performance  from three diffrerent perspectives: how it is perceived by the dancer , the audience and how can be seen from an objective point of view as mere code. Through these the interpretation of a different world -The performance is created and we are all sucked into been a part of it.
Finland 2013 7’ 30’’


Director: Anders J Larsson/Choreographer: Nelly Zagora. Det är svårare att åldras idag, då vi inte längre känner oss gamla.  Sinnet är ungt och vitalt, men kroppen åldras. Vi dör medan vi fordarande är unga.
Sweden 2014 9′ 46”


Director: Marko Röhr/Choreographer: Teemu Liakka. Aesthetic exploration to the world of underwater dance. Dance together with impressive underwater sorrounding and touching music create an elegant motional and visual entirety.
Finland 2014 4’ 17’’


I Play dead
Director: Kaveh Akaber/Choreographer: Lova Eriksson. A surreal drama/dance film. A woman encounters two children in a old industrial building.They lead her deeper inside the building and closer to their dark secret. What started, as a game has suddenly become an odd ballet.
Sweden 2013 14’


Director: Marta Arjona/Choreographer: Anna Borràs & Daniel Navarro. ”The principle of reciprocity defines the specific interaction os physic energy between human beings. In reciprocity, anthropologically, are not only involved the physical and biological energies that obey the logic of contradiction, as attraction and repulsion, differentiation and homogenization. What is at stake fundamentally, are the results of mutual relativisation between these forces”.
Spain 2015 2’ 57’’


Director/Choreographer: Anna Einemo Froysland & Berit Einemo Froysland. I a run down house to sisters are dancing. They are together and alone. Soon it will be dark an a door to something new will open.
Sweden 2014 7’ 51’’

Screen Shot Rolf Hepp&Stijn van der Plas_ Gemma Probst

Director/Choreographer: Nicola Balhuizen Hepp. An older man confronted with his ageing body. He loses himself in dancing and by doing so he once again feels young.
The Netherlands 2014 1’

Skärmavbild 2013-10-03 kl. 11.51.49

Alone? in the theater
Director/Choreographer: Max Zachrisson. A one-man-project made in the foyer of Staatstheater Nürnberg about a man finding himself alone in the big theatre. As time goes by his lonely experience becomes a joyful one, far from loneliness…
Germany 2013 2’ 55’’

Silent mourning2

Silent Mourning
Director: Alex Tsiamoglou/Choreographers: Alex Tsiamoglou & Victor Fung. Inspired from the dialogue ”I knew this people” of Wind Wenders Paris, Texas, the film is a study of the silent mourning of two people and their haunted past. The film was shot during my residency in Amsterdam. Within the SPAZIO program.
Greece 2014 3’ 16’’

ScreenDanceFestival 2015_Augenblick (Su misura)_2

Su misura
Director: Aungenblick. A tailor, his wife: a day like any other, one customer after the other. Then she enters. Suddenly a mistake, a glimpse… one more word and the elbows will touch.The rhythmic gestures of the craft become a dance, now. The motif on the dress takes the form of a movement, of a desire, that are tailor-made. But this glimpse of desire springing from the line of the mountains, like a pin, falls down after only one minute. Itʼs the effects of a short choreography, the dancing effects of a memory.
Italy 2014 1’ 10’’


890 Broadway
Director/Choreographer: Marta Renzi. Two women all dressed up to go out, who never do.
USA 2012 4′ 30”


Nadie (Nobody)
Director: Tatiana Zugazagoitia & Luis Ramírez/Choreographer:Tatiana Zugazagoitia. Inspired by Octavio Paz’s poem “La Calle” (The Street), “Nadie” (Nobody) immerses us in the eternal search of oneself. A man who continually stumbles over himself in his home town, is an Escher likestructure losing the notion that he is the one in the search, the one searching, or to be nobody. Mexico 2014 5’ 35”


Vanishing Points
Director: Marites Carino/Choreographers: Emmanuelle Lê Phan & Elon Höglund. Like two molecules unknowingly affecting one another in space and briefly crossing paths, Conceptual hip-hop dancers collide and share fleeting moments of intimate synchronicity on the streets of Montreal. Sucked into a choreographic time warp, viewers slowly realize things are not as they seem.
Canada 2014 8’ 41’’


Director: Anna Einemo Froysland & Berit Einemo Froysland. 
Sweden 2014 8’ 49’’

Dance with me_Still 01

Director: Cristina Molino/Choreographer: Samuel Retordillo. Ella and Eric live in an intense love story. A promise will make it last forever.
Spain 2014 04’ 29’’

Favorite Still for Lay Me Low

Lay Me Low
Director: Marlene Millar/Choreographer: Sandy Silva. Lay me Low opens a communal space of experience through mourning by bringing people together in song and movement: individual voices are woven together to make one song, steps are taken in rhythm to make one walk. Lay me low is a traditional Shaker song performed by 10 dancers, musicians and singers and it cuts right to the heart to communicate a universal feeling of loss while evoking a paradoxical sense of intimacy.
Canada 2015 07’ 50’’


One Find Day
Director: Sima Gonsai. Travel through an imagined world in “One Fine Day”. This short dance film presents a collection of rhythmic and witty scenarios capturing the whimsical world of Freefall Dance Company. This site-specific film, is a new piece of work that brings the choreography and unique dance capabilities of learning disabled dancers to life.
UK 2014 7’



Upp till dans
Director: Sara Lindström. A choreographer visits a nursery home in a rural town in Sweden to made a short film together with six of its residents. A film about dance, music, ice-cream and the smaller and bigger things in life.
Sweden 2014 8’ 54


Sing the Sand Into Pearls
Director: Raquel Claudino. Embraced in a dance of rebellion, Sing the Sand Into Pearls tells the story of three women who scape from a self-centered society and celebrate genuinity in a hideway ritual.
UK 2014 13′ 05”

Let's say still

Let´s Say
Director: Fukpakjim/Choreographer: Li De. Young choreographer Li De collaborates with veteran cinematographer Fukpakjim to present a refreshing short work that focuses on a modern communication issues between people. Thegeneration gap between mother and son; ”A Lover´s Discourse” on the escalator; office politics at the table of the Last Supper. Three scenes, three dances, one message: stop Phubbing. Hong Kong,
China 2014 8’

BdB screenshot 5

Boulevard Du Break
Director: Charles Compagnie & Benedicte Alloing/Choreographer: Johanna Classe. A choreographed walk through Dunbark. A remake of a 1913 film, the century after its release. A tribute to the Carnival Spirit of the City and to Hip Hop History. A musical with over 150 dancers and extras. Grand Prix du Festival de l’Archarmiere 2104.
France 2013 12’ 06’’

popping_stueck (

Music is the key
Director: Igor Krasik. Dance is closely related to motion graphics. This is a kind of prototypes of daily motion graphics. A dance performance on stage represents and visualizes music. In this work ”Music is the key” combines music, urban dance and motion graphics to create a stunning abstract composition. The central theme is visual music. The combination of the central elements like dance, music and graphics which are include in one media of film under the leading of music create an unforgettable harmony- ”The harmony of music”.
Germany 2013 02’ 18’’

DB_PromoPhoto_09 copy

Director: Stefan Verna/Choreographer: Emily Honegger.Drawing Blank is a dream-like story of impermanence told through dance and stop-motion painting.Drawing Blank is a dream-like story of impermanence told through dance and stop-motion painting. The main character, performed by dancer and choreographer Emily Honegger, discovers a magical property inside a discarded ink sketch. A miniature dance partner comes to life and inspires movement in the paper and ink world around her.
Canada 2013 5’ 33’’


Amauros (3)
Amauros (3). Director: Nicole Seiler. Dancing means removing yourself from articulated language. Because looking at dance means you remove yourself from articulated language. Well do we know that dance is reduced by words. That even precise vocabulary isn’t enough to portray the uniqueness of gesture. But at the same time, a dance that couldn’t be spoken would lack a human face. Describing dance. If it isn’t a grave deed, it’s at the least a serious one.
Switzerland 2014 01′ 42”


Distant voices
Director/Choreographer: Linda Birkedal. I close my eyes and I can hear you voice. In the distance, far away. I feel you breath, like cool fog in the summer morning. Coming closer. Distant voices.
Norway 2015 1’


The Pelikan Dance
Director: Chris Tourlakis/Choreographer:  Fenia Apostolou. Inspired by “The Pelican”, opus 4 of chamber plays by August Strindber.
Greece 2014 2’24’’


Director/Choreographer: Jennifer Drotz Ruhn.  Tofino, an experimental stop motion dance film, is the result of a collaborative project between Swedish choreographer Jennifer Drotz Ruhn and Scottish artists: photographer Brian Vass and composer Stuart Docherty.
Sweden 2014 3’36’’


Director: Florence Freitag, Co-director: Johannes Plank/Choreographer: Alexandre Munz. The HYDRA is the forgotten high-lines, meandering and moving like dead through the houses and streets of Paris; it is the  nature that conquers the city and goes there where humans don´t anymore and it is a human being who, like the others, tries to get out of his cage, but never can.
Germany 2015  2’53’’


Director: Juanita Onzaga/Choreographer: Hong Ling Chen. A surreal dance short film with a dream-like tone about loneliness and isolation as an outcast in the huge alien city. She walks through a city that´s not he home, he fascination for lights blind her. She falls into a space where only her body´s language exists, so she lets her body speak.
Belgium 2014 05’

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 21.43.41

Director: Josh Hawkins/Choreographer: Stephanie Giles. It is carried in your blood, a continuous beating no more than a breath swimming with confusion and hunger. These secrets between the cracks belong to the experiment.
UK 2014 2’45’’
uath lochans03
Uath Lochans
Director: Katrina McPherson and Simon Fildes/Choreographer: Marc Brew. A physical ,visceral response to place by dance artist Marc Brew.
UK 2015 06’ 30’’