ScreenDance Festival 2014

Welcome to  ScreenDance Festival during the International Dance Day 29/4!

We are very happy to start a new dance film festival this year. The festival will present a selected program of outstanding dance films from Sweden and a selected program from our collaborators Agite y Sirva, Festival Itinerante de Danza for Mexico. Our special guests are Ximena Monroy (videomaker, performer and screendance festival director), Paulina Ruiz Carballido (dancer, performer, filmmaker, researcher, choreographer and improviser) and Jean-Baptiste Fave (filmmaker with an emphasis on audiovisual and cinematic sound) from Agite y Sirva.

In collaboration with Studiefrämjandet the festival will be held att Bryggarsalen (Brygghuset, Norrtullsgatan 12N)  starting 17.00 until 22.00. During the evening we will have screenings, a lectures and panel discussion with our collaborators.


Free entrance


Supported by: Stockhoms stad and Studiefrämjandet